Our teachers often assign, among the various types of theme, the interview, which can be imaginary, therefore aimed at a historical or invented character, or real, aimed at people with whom one has the possibility to communicate. Writing an interview is not easy, as you need to know the structure, know which language to use and above all, in the case of an imaginary interview, you have to have a lot of imagination. Here then is a simple guide in which we will explain, point by point, how to write an interview and therefore how to take a good grade !

essay writing: How to write an interview. In any case, to write an interview, a newspaper article or any other written essay, it is necessary to organize well everything that the final text will cover. So, let’s read the track that was assigned to us well and make a list of what we’re going to write:

  • introduction
  • topic to be addressed
  • questions
  • answers
  • comments
  • conclusion

Let’s see in detail how to write an imaginary and a real interview.

How to write a theme: Imaginary interview. The imaginary interview can be addressed to a historical, literary, famous or invented character. In general, this type of theme is assigned to better understand a topic studied in class and make them appreciate it from a different point of view. To write a fictional interview well, once we’ve made the lineup, we need to proceed as follows:

1. Write the introduction

We introduce the interview, the topic that will be discussed, we present the character that will be submitted to our questions. For example, suppose we have to interview Alessandro Manzoni on his novel “I Promessi Sposi”. First of all we must adopt the point of view of a nineteenth century person, specify the historical period, the place and the topic on which the interview will focus, namely I promessi Sposi. Then we briefly present the character.

Let’s make a brief conclusion, greeting our interviewee and readers.

4. Title

Finally, let’s give a nice title to our interview: let’s remember that it must be short, but direct and captivating … In short, that you encourage reading! Finally, below the title we put the date and place of the interview.

How to write a theme:

Real interview. The real interview is definitely more fun and takes a little more time, as you need to collect the material, make an appointment with the person to be interviewed, write down, write etc. In short, a good job, but more practical and interesting. Here’s how to proceed:

1. Collection of the material

Suppose we have to interview a person who has personally experienced the Second World War. First of all, we collect information regarding the Second World War in general, then on the specific topic to be analyzed, for example the living conditions of civilians.

2. Introduction

With all that we have gathered, we begin to write the introduction to our interview, summarizing and focusing more on the topic to be addressed. Then we briefly present the interviewee.

3. Questions and answers

Here the fun part comes into play: we prepare a series of questions that we will then address to the interviewee. During the interview we can record or take notes, the important thing is not to lose anything of what we are told.

Once the interview is finished, we arrange the sentences and insert them into our composition.

4. Photographs

Let’s not forget to take some photos, so as to give a professional touch to our article.

5. Conclusion

We conclude by greeting the person interviewed and the readers.

6. Title

Let’s insert a nice title for effect, and above all let’s not forget to put the date and place of the interview!

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