The expressive text or expressive theme is a typology of written paper in which it is necessary to recount one’s personal events by transmitting feelings, impressions, sensations. There are various types of expressive text, such as the letter, the diary, autobiography and confession. Let’s find out how to write an expressive theme in all its types and what rules must be followed to avoid mistakes!

How to make an expressive text? First of all, we need to understand the type of expressive text that is required of us by the trace of the theme. At school, in general, we are faced with some types of expressive themes:

  • simple theme
  • diary
  • personal letter

How to implement

Let’s see in detail how to implement these types of themes.

How to write a simple theme. The classic expressive theme consists in telling one’s emotions in relation to some experience lived in first person. The theme must have the following structure:

  • Introduction, with which we introduce the topic of our theme
  • central body, in which we describe the experience in detail and our emotions
  • conclusion, in which we express further personal considerations
  • The diary is a type of expressive text that must follow fixed rules:
  • place and date
  • formula “dear diary”
  • description of the events of the day or a specific event
  • feelings, thoughts, reflections about it
  • closing formula “Your …

A personal letter is a type of confidential letter, whose recipient is often a friend or relative. A personal letter must have the following elements:

  • place and date top right
  • opening formula (Dear / a …)
  • central body in which stories are told, emotions and feelings are expressed also towards the addressee of the letter
  • closing formula (see you soon, etc …)
  • sender’s signature

Which style to use for an expressive text? As we have seen, these are simple and confidential texts, so the style to be used is certainly colloquial, direct, with a simple language. The sentences must not be too long and you can use ellipses, exclamation points, quotation marks.

How to write an expressive text well? To write a good expressive theme we must first follow the basic rules of the type of text we are about to address, then we must be careful with other small rules:

  • do not fall into banality: we must try to dig deep into our ego and express true deep sensations and thoughts, not banal and obvious sentences
  • use understandable language
  • pay attention to the construction of the sentence and grammatical errors

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